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MAVEN's MARKETING & COMMUNICATIONS DIVISION offers innovative marketing, design, desktop publishing & communications solutions to companies in the corporate and non-profit sectors, working with our clients to bring projects to completion on deadline and on budget.  When you need to promote an event, build your brand, revamp your communications strategy or increase awareness for your company or product, MAVEN will work with you to design impressions that last!

MAVEN's MANAGEMENT CONSULTING DIVISION offers start-up companies and non-profit organizations in need of assistance with increasing sales and awareness of the business, product or event; members services management and operations or strategic planning staff they need to bring their business or program to the next level without the financial burden of hiring internal staff.  

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We can help you with all your business development, marketing, operations, fundraising, communications or member relations needs without the overhead costs of hiring in-house staff.​

Corporate Communications

We can work with you to improve your existing corporate identity, build a new image, create awareness for your company or project, manage your internal and media relations and enhance your member and community relations.

Desktop Publishing

MAVEN can design your logos, promotional material, magazines, corporate reports and PowerPoint presentations to ensure you inspire, inform or captivate your customers.

Media Relations

Ms. Wennberg's background in journalism offers great insight when dealing with media on behalf of MAVEN's clients as well as when writing news releases, articles and media packages.

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Event Management

Whether you are ​planning an awards gala, annual general meeting, industry conference, educational seminars or golf tournament, MAVEN can help you with all the details from planning & logistics, promotions and on-site management.

Marketing & Branding

With over 20 years of experience marketing products, services and member benefits, MAVEN​ will work with you to design marketing brochures and flyers, advertisements, promotional kits, corporate branding series, sales and fundraising forms, business presentations and websites.

Copywriting & Editing

A fundraising letter should invoke emotion from the reader, sympathy for your cause and an appeal to support your organization.​ Sales letters should invoke trust and pique potential client's interest to get you the meeting you need to close the deal. Internal memos need to be clear and concise.  

Websites & Social Media

We understand the importance of having not only an online presence but a presence suitable for each individual client and project whether it be a website, blog or social media profile.

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Contact us to schedule a meeting or learn more about MAVEN and

how we can help you make impressions that last!

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